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How to Make your website Load Faster

Web Site Speed Test

No doubt that the website loading speed  can determine the success of your portal. You may have high-quality content and graphics when compared to that of your competitors, but if your competitor site loads faster, then you will surely see a surge in their results when compared to yours. One should also remember that Google crawlers like pages which load fast and take them on top of the search rankings.

So, here are the Importance of Web Site Speed and 3 Tips to Enhance It.

The average site speed test loading of a big size retail website could be around 7 seconds, which is above the optimal page load speed of 3 or lesser seconds. As per the KissMetrics research, a 4- to 5-second delay in the loading speed itself can cost an e-commerce business lose billions of dollars in terms of revenue. To be more precise, it is proven that even just a 1-second delay in page response time can cause about 7% reduction in terms of sales.

Google’s algorithm and website speed

Google has also announced that the page load speed and website loading is a part of its algorithm used for page ranking. Some studies also have proven that exactly what Google measures as the time of response is the loading of the very first byte. Adding to this, a slower page speed to Google also signifies that only a few pages of a slower site will be crawled due to its allocated crawl time and budget.

web site speed test

website speed check 

All these can have significant negative impacts on the indexation of your web pages if the site is slow loading. It is simple to measure the website speed test load time of your website using the Google Page Speed Insights tools. You need to just type in the URL of your website at this site in the input field and click on analyze button to get a customized report.


website performance test and user experience

Page loading speed is essential in terms of user experience too. The pages getting loaded slowly are found to have the highest bounce rates. It is more troublesome to have a higher bounce rate than having lesser hits to the page.


web site speed test

visitors feel happy if your site loads very fast

So, page speed is important to hold back your customers on your website to share your information. The slower loading times also apparently have an extremely negative impact on traffic and sales as this give a non-verbal sign of your inefficiency. Here are a few solutions to help improve your page speed.

See here what Matt Cutts says About website performance test



  • Be in a faster server

The first step to take care of while trying to increase the processing web performance test is to get a good server, which can execute the web page codes and queries more quickly. If you don’t get lots of traffic even if your code is written properly, it wouldn’t help. Then, check the specifications of your website server and replace it if required.
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  • Enable compression  

File compression also can determine faster loading. You can use the Gzip software or related types to compress your bigger files as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS etc. You may also use Adobe photoshop to compress the size of images, which all can help improve the loading speed. Take extra care when creating top of the range graphics or HD quality images as there is absolutely no point in viewers just skipping it due to longer loading time.

  •  Reduce redirects

Each time when the user is redirected to another page, they need to wait for more as the entire HTTP request-response cycle needs to complete. The new mode of single page portals, as well as other techniques used to reduce redirects, can improve loading speed.