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Web design presents a highly creative art is the first word about web design guidelines for the beginners. Each designer has owned creative style and methods. Mainly, the requirement of this business is getting a unique and finished web portal which offers something new and innovative to the user. It has to be user-friendly as much as possible. It will help you to hold them there for long.

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To Begin with Web Design Guidelines for the Beginners

Nowadays, to get market most business spending huge money in terms of internet marketing. Even, if you succeed in your marketing efforts to get more hits to the landing pages. It has no results if that place is confusing and haunting to the users

Simplicity and user-friendliness are the key characteristics of any good website. Even if there are no standards to follow in this creative task, web designing has some unwritten rules to ensure user-friendliness. By sticking to this basic theory will help your users navigate through your portal much easily and for you to get more results.

 Being innovative is good, but what is the other side?

Keep it all simple; when you want to make a website may you have all the great ideas to put them together. But sometimes it may not preferable for all users. If you want to introduce a new and unique method to users, it will not that simple. The users may not be that much patient to find out your new method by spending their time. So the fist rule is – “people are always more comfortable with what they already know”.

Try to keep the basic things as like they are. Don’t try to confuse or puzzled your customers to show your creativity. If the usual practice is to display the menu on the right-hand side of a page, stick to it rather than confusing the potential user in a new way. Changing it to the bottom may give a better look to your page but what if someone never gets it?

Furthermore, the basic contents of a website like a menu, search box or contact details have to make easier to find for the user. It may not be ideal for businesses to make people go through the Facebook links or other places to get contact details just because they are not able to find that on the portal, which was in fact there at a strange corner.
















Let’s further review some such unwritten rules for you to keep in mind:

  • Login – If you place a login button, make it on the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Menu – On top or on the left-hand side of the page. Keep in mind that the simple is better.
  • Social media buttons – The usual practice is to place them on the top right corner.
  • Layout – Create a clearly understandable menu and well organize other elements of the page in a disciplined manner. Avoid cluttering.
  • Logo – Standard is to place logos on the top left corner as you see it in a letterhead.
  • Colors – Colors must go well with that of your products and services. Don’t use rainbow colors, stick to 3 to 4 maximum
  • Footer – Need not say where to place, but footers include disclaimers, privacy policies, and contact information as standard.
  • Typography – Use easy-to-read fonts and ensure that the size is appropriate for all.
  • Consistency – Make every page in your website look consistent. Don’t use a unique design for each page to confuse the users.

There are many more concepts to improve a website design. When you’ll combine all them together with an intensive research, web design guidelines for the beginners will present you a better-finished web page.