SEO Case Studies

Client: Dr. Motiwala

Client Business Site:

Campaign Type: SEO

Type of Business: Dental Clinic & Implant Center


The website owner Dr. Motiwala, IMPLANTOLOGIST gave us his website to make SEO. His goal was that a number of patients easily can get his services by online marketing. He also wanted to spread his services to the patients all over the world. It was the matter of regret that previously the website was unable to achieve any top ranking. Rather it’s ranking was very low particularly in google search. The organic visitors are very low. It is a matter of happiness that after proper SEO the position of the is at the top of the first page.


Firstly, Dr. Motiwala would like to gear up the profile of in online market. And then he needs to achieve number one ranking on the first page in the search of all major Search Engaging especially in Google. And finally needs to achieve the 1st ranking in the first page considering the pre-targeted all keywords and phrases.

Pre-Campaign Analysis

We talked Dr. Motiwala on keywords and phrases to identify them properly and reasonably.  Market research and analyzing is a must to achieve ranking. We made him understand that a well content website is not enough without SEO. An Excellent position is possible only when the website is properly managed considering SEO friendly. It is an extensive analysis that can help an appropriate road of the site advancement.

The Strategy

Step 1: First of all we have found out targeted keywords and phrases. We have found this website was much disorganized. The site has lack of relevancy to the desirable keywords and phrases.

Step 2: We have made all the pages categorically. Priority base, we include subcategories relevant to the targeted keywords as well as phrases.

Step 3: We have ensured basic Meta Optimization. We have given the emphasis and importance of perfect white hat on page SEO.

Step 4: We have removed all kinds of weakness from the site.

Step 5: We have achieved the position in the competitive market. We also consider a full set of category with recommendations for implementation.


We have an expert and experienced know-how team. They perform their task respectively to fulfill the clients demand. We don’t know how to stop without achieving our goal. I have submitted a screenshot. Anybody can easily understand how much effort is required to get the position in this market.   By dint of know-how we have achieved the position of the site in the competitive market.

Google Rankings

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