Make website mobile friendly

Make website mobile friendly

Today, 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. So, it is important to make your website mobile friendly. A survey result shows incredible 80% of all internet users use a smartphone.

In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones. Its will increase in the coming few years cause mobile web browser gives the opportunity to use the easiest mode of web browsing. The web developers and designers should work on the increasing mobile friendly websites if they want to capture the reassuring mobile search market.



Mobile web browser or searching has its own system and method. And there are many differences between traditional mobile development and usages practices. Here we will discuss some of the primary rules to get adapted to on being rational about mobile web development and mobile friendly websites for “targeted mobile traffic”.




Mobile searchers use shorter keywords

 Works for desktop landing pages is not the same as what works for mobile landing pages. Certain principles remain constant, but mobile screens can’t handle the same style of presentation you would employ on a full desktop screen. In mobile phone search user types the shorter key phrases for web searching. Because typing on the keypad is not so friendly to users.

To show the results, you need to be arranged shorter search queries. Many times, these search queries are limited to single or two-word combinations. So get better results you have to rank well on this shorter keyword queries. Otherwise, it is hard to get viewed by mobile users. Also, search engine optimization is much tough to achieve on mobiles.

Local search optimization

local seo

Presently mobile is mostly used for the frequent search for local stuff. Somebody standing at a local street may search for a good place to dine or to find an ideal shopping destination or hospital or any medical shop in that region. You can be expecting very much key phrases like “MacDonald at 6th Street” etc. For that reason your businesses being shown on local search results (local business listing) are quite important you need to arrange your online promotion plans consequently.

Live info prevails in mobile search

Most of the users like to search news, weather, sports scores and share market prices from their mobile phones. So, along with location, timing is also the key in mobile searches. If your site is containing these categories searches, you should create a mobile version of the website ,it to be on top of the mobile-friendly listings. You can think about two distinct versions of your site; one is optimized for PC searches and one specifically aimed at mobile searchers.

Top 3 counts

mobile optimized websites











Scroll through long search pages is not a good idea for mobile users. In best responsive websites mobile searching hardly about 10 results get displayed on the screen and user has a tendency to click on any one among the first 3 on top. These pages have a higher chance to attract user’s attention without having gone to the next page. So, when you are thinking about mobile optimized websites for your web portal, think it first.

Follow mobile phone standards

There is the difference between mobile search and desktop search. If your site does not fulfill the condition with the mobile standard then it will still be listed in search results and shows a messy result to the users. All kind of results should be shown while mobile searching but non-mobile friendly websites will be transcoded by the search engine and the results could be pretty shocking. This may not be good for your brand image. To improve your knowledge you can learn the standards of mobile from W3C.

Conclusively, without a hint of doubt, I am able to say that this strategy that already elaborates helps you to clear how to make your website mobile friendly for mobile traffic.

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