Long Tail Keywords

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords Integration in Content for Organic Traffic

The key question online marketer ask now is whether keywords are dead? Answering this question is difficult, but there is no denial that structured data markup and semantic search are the way to future. The old ways of keyword stuffing and traditional SEO strategies are now only as useful as an audio tape player. Publishing intelligent content on your blogs may not always guarantee assured search traffic now.

With many options and unique ways to tell the same thing again and again, it is the choice of the right keyword phrases that matters more. The world is drowning in content lately and it is noted that we create an astonishing amount of content each day, and “long tail keywords” are now your magic bullets to hit the bulls’ eye.

What are long tail keywords?

 Long tail keywords are phrases, which have four or more keywords in it and specifically aimed for your type of business products, services, and geographical locations. Even if these type of phrases may not generate traffic in high volume, they can help you achieve high-quality traffic. With filtered traffic tracking such keywords, you also know the folks who search on your website and prompt them to act immediately.















Many studies have shown that almost half of the organic searches go to the first link. But, there is still a lot of a traffic which is up there for you to grab. Naturally integrating long-tail keywords into the current website content is the key to success in ensuring higher ranking and more search-based organic traffic to your web pages.

Identifying top performing long-tail keyword phrases

Unless you do an intensive keyword research, you will never know which all phrases your customers use to search for your products and services. Suppose if you are running a dog training and your target group is dog lovers who are searching for how to train dogs. Check out which long-tail keyword phrases will be more into search. “Dog” or “Dog training” or “How to train a dog to sit” etc.

Long Tail KeywordsOnce if you identify this, next is to add your location into this sequence. Say if your training is based out of Southlake in Texas, it can better is “Southlake dog training center” or “dog training center at Southlake”.

If you find you have a big target group located at Grapevine, which is a community near to Southlake, then the long tail keyword may probably be “Grapevine pediatric urgent care”. Keyword research is the only way to identify which are the most successful long-tail keyword phrases for your purpose.

Keyword planning

If you are a novice in keyword planning, then Google Keyword Planner(keyword research tool) can be an excellent tool for you to start with. With the above example, you can start with the core keyword as “urgent care” to see all keywords related to it. You can look for the most relevant ones matching to the products and services you offer.

You can also plug these keywords and search again to ultimately find out the most relevant long-tail keyword variations.