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Long Tail Keywords

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords Integration in Content for Organic Traffic The key question online marketer ask now is whether keywords are dead? Answering this question is difficult, but there is no denial that structured data markup and semantic search are the way to future. The old ways of keyword stuffing and traditional SEO strategies are now […]

website speed test|site speed

How to Make your website Load Faster

Web Site Speed Test No doubt that the website loading speed  can determine the success of your portal. You may have high-quality content and graphics when compared to that of your competitors, but if your competitor site loads faster, then you will surely see a surge in their results when compared to yours. One should […]

SEO Case Studies

Client: Dr. Motiwala Client Business Site: Campaign Type: SEO Type of Business: Dental Clinic & Implant Center Situation The website owner Dr. Motiwala, IMPLANTOLOGIST gave us his website to make SEO. His goal was that a number of patients easily can get his services by online marketing. He also wanted to spread his services […]